“White Boys, White Noise” Double Feature

The Wayfarer Incident has teamed up with Noiserock Treehouse to play a double feature show. Two cities, two shows welcoming two young talented, and surprisingly handsome musicians.

White Boys/White Noise Double Feature is:

Thursday Jan 16th @ Tiniest Bar in Texas (Austin, TX) | 7:30pm

Saturday Jan 18th @ J&J’s (Denton, TX) | 9pm

It’s going to be a fantastic time! Please join us.


Benevolent Cultivation EP

Frequent interactions and experiences inspire new insights and ideas. I’ve been flying solo lately and have come across some extraordinary people and interesting experiences. They say pain and pleasure are both productive. Benevolent Cultivation is a creation that expresses the pains, pleasures and thoughts of my recent explorations.

I’m attempting to see the bright side of it all with this one. Hints the name Benevolent Cultivation.

Check out the links page to find it on Bandcamp.

The Wayfarer Incident EP

Upon playing an open mic at Mellow Mushroom, I performed a song called The Average Exception which caught the attention of Chris Daily’s ear. Chris and I discussed exchanging some tunes and collaborating to see if we could produce something together. Chris and I co-produced an EP that has served as debut material for The Wayfarer Incident.

The purpose of the EP has been to alchemize inspiration and influence into a collection of songs that have exuberant fun. Additionally, I was inspired to distribute 50 copies of this EP for absolutely free. I will be keeping the EP posted on The Wayfarer Incident’s ReverbNation.

Dig It,